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An English Post

Hello there. I just felt guilty for only posting in Russian, so here's a super awesome post in English for all of you guys who are my foreign friends! Especially my lovely Americans from North Carolina, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska and New Mexico! Y'all are amazing and I really hope we can catch up during my stay in the States.

So. You probably have no clue what I wrote about in the previous posts...or maybe you do, but anyway, here's a brief translation.

What's FLEX?
That's too big and too boring to translate but I guess you got what I was talking about - the FLEX rounds, application forms, finalist selection, etc...I you have any questions (I doubt you do though) drop me a line on facebook and I'll be happy to answer.

Introducing Stacy.
That one post was about me in general. I'm a music fanatic, freak, nerd, whatever you can call that, but I'm just obsessed with music. I play the guitar & sing myself and that makes me estimate the awesomeness of music even more. Favorite bands: Blink-182, All Time Low, Green Day and you can continue that list forever. But generally, I enjoy absolutely all kinds of music :)
I hate maths, chemistry and physics - the only subjects I don't get AT ALL.
Basic info (like you didn't know :D) - I'm 15, I live in Novosibirsk and I'm really happy I became an exchange student.

My FLEX story - The Call
Whoah. These are the most interesting posts for now. How I went through the whole FLEX mess and how I felt about the entire thing.
So the 1st  round happened to be on October 8th. There was a huge crowd near the university (where all the rounds were held), it was almost impossible to get in the building and the weather was pretty cold (we were freeeeezing!). I spent about 5 hours waiting for the start of the stupid test. The test was suuuuper easy. I thought it'd be harder, honestly. At night that day I knew I passed to the second round. Whoo!
The next day, October 9th, I went to the second challenge. I DIED. I was writing those tests for about 4 hours, and at the end my vision was blurry and my knees were shaking - that's how tired and exhausted I was. But it was so worth it. The tasks that I got - 3 essays and a really big test. Now I'm looking back on that day and remembering how sleepy I was...
I got the call from American Councils (AC) after 6 weeks of waiting for the results. To be honest, I gave up hoping so when I saw that call I couldn't even think it was one of the AC people calling.
The 3rd round is the most interesting one. We had a reunion for parents & kids where the sick application forms were given to us. We had two weeks to fill them.
The same day we had to write another pair of essays. Two days later I had the game & the interview kind of thing. The interview went great, although I can't say the same about the 'team-building' game. There actually was no team, everyone was trying to win and to be the first and the best - that's never good. When I drew an emblem (we had a task to design an emblem for a school) and explained what its elements meant, the organizers asked whose idea it was. I was about to say it was me who invented the whole thing, but some girl just rose her hand and said "that was my idea". You can imagine how I felt. But I didn't say anything, because I'm not that type of a conflict-making person.
Anyway, I was pretty satisfied with the 3rd round and after sending my application form to Moscow all I had to do was patiently waiting for spring. Bleh.
In spring my mom and I decided to go on a vacation to Thailand for two weeks. Mom was nervous about the results, she was afraid we won't get the Call. I assured her we're going to come back right before the calling process starts. Dad stayed at home, because he broke his left leg in winter.
On March 16 we were already in Bangkok. We got another telephone card and, forgetting of all those people in Russia who knew our old Thai number, we changed the card.
The next day we got a call from the reception. We were told that our Russian relatives are worried about us and ask us to call them back. We immediately thought that, of course, this had to be dad. We called him, but there was something wrong with the new card (fail) and all we could hear was "You got a call from American Councils!!". We got super excited and called him again from the hotel lobby, where the card worked better. He explained us that the FLEX guys called him on Friday (right when we landed in Bangkok) and refused to tell him the info about my FLEX status, saying "the info is personally for Anastasia". I started to call the Moscow office, but it was Saturday - their day off. I had to wait until Monday. That was the worst weekend of my life!! So, on Monday, after phoning them non-stop for 5 hours (you know me), someone got the call and told me the awesome news - "Congratulations, you were selected to be the FLEX Finalist!". Oh. My. Goodness.
Then there was a lot of dancing, letter-skipping in Facebook posts, crazy phone calling my friends in Russia and screaming the word "Finalist". And a lot of Thai people's creepy staring as well. I was the happiest person in the world. I still am. And I still cannot believe I did it. I DID IT. Now that's what's called 'living the dream'. Awesome, what else can I say. I'm just happy.

Although, my classmates weren't that happy. I can say only one word - Envy.

And hey guys, I'm done translating the whole thing, I'm happy you took your time reading this weirdness :)
Stay tuned for some more stuff, posts and other crap, if you're interested. And as soon as I know my host family, there will be a post for you guys, in English.

And, duh, SKYPE ME.
Okay I'm done.

Love you all,

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