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Friends And Frienemies (explicit content)

Привет. Этот пост будет тоже полу-русский, полу-английский.
Hello. This post will be half-russian, half english as well.

Я думаю, вы заинтересоавлись названием поста. Так вот. После всех туров испытания Флекса не закончились, и началось одно из самых главных - separating friends from frienemies.
I guess you were a little confused by the title of this post. After all of the rounds the FLEX challenges are not over. And here comes one of the most important ones: separating friends from frienemies.

Я понимала, что после объявления статуса все изменится, но не ожидала, что настолько. Поэтому приложу мой позавчерашний (29.04.12) разговор в твиттере. С предысторией.
I knew everything would change after the announcement of my FLEX status, but I didn't expect it'd change that badly. That's why, without explaining anything I'm 'presenting' you my sunday's (4/29/12) twitter conversation. With a brief story behind it.

Сразу поясню, почему на английском: вконтакте мы разговаривали на русском, конечно, а на твиттере, что называется, for some reason (почему-то), на английском. Ну я всегда твитаю на английском. Лала и Настя иногда. Хотя я с ними уже давно не общалась...до этого разговора. Твиты не изменены. Как там, так и здесь. Можете проверить.
Let me explain why the whole conversation happened to be in English: on vk.com we usually talked in Russian, but our tweet-exchanges were in English, for some reason. Well, I always tweet in English. Nastya and Lala's tweets were seldom in English. Although I haven't talked to them for a big while...before that conversation. The tweets are not changed. Same as on the actual website. You can even check.

"Действующие лица" - Настя (@stacy_reitz), Лала (the_lala_is) и я (@stacyfromrussia). И моя чудесная подруга из Северной Каролины Лорен(Lauren) - @foxyfanally. Я также веду твиттер для фанов All Time Low (Хастлеры) - Hustler Thing (@HustlerThing) - те твиты были написаны мной.
The people who took part in that conversation: Nastya (@stacy_reitz), Lala (the_lala_is), me (@stacyfromrussia) and a wonderful girl from North Carolina - Lauren (@foxyfanally). I have another twitter account, for the lovers of All Time Low (Hustlers) - Hustler Thing (@HustlerThing) - those tweets were basically my tweets.

У нас с Настей и Лалой была вконтакте страница, на которой мы общались. (так как мы все любили группу All Time Low тогда :D). И я запостила на ней.
Me, Lala and Nastya had a community on vk.com where we chatted about All Time Low - our favorite band. I posted this. (exact translation: "hey, Nastya, Lala? I miss you. I also wanted to share something with you - I passed the FLEX contest and I will spend a year in the US. /not boasting or showing off, okay?/ Maybe I'll get the chance to see Mr. Barakat, who is still adored by me. Don't forget about me, and I miss you. I know it sounds cheesy but damn, I had the best August with you two. It was so fun to draw a birthday present for Danny with Nastya and create poems with Lala. I miss those times. I'm afraid that you'll be offended or pissed off at me because of FLEX, 'cause many people have done that already. And I have a blog, lol. *the link to this blog* I miss you and I love you. Yours, Mrs.Barakat. Good vibes.")
Теперь, перед тем как я еще что-то напишу, скажите, хвасталась ли я здесь?... (см потом твиты Лалы)
Now, before you read anything else, tell me, have I showed off in this message?... (watch Lala's tweets)

И вот что мне ответили:
And that's what they answered:
(translation: me: at least respond something.
                  lala: 1st link
                  nastya: 2nd link
                  me: why is your attitude like this?
                  both: 3rd link)

Те ссылки (those links):
первая/the first one
вторая/the second one

Не очень, да? Это точно не то, что хочется услышать, когда делишься ценной для тебя новостью. Ну да ладно. Теперь к твиттеру.
Definitely not what you want to hear when you're telling something really meaningful to anyone! Now, twitter.

Не буду что либо объяснять, просто вот весь conversation. Почитайте унижающихся людей.
I'm not gonna explain more, there you go. Watch people getting low. Warning for Americans: mild language.
@stacy_reitz: that bitch is just another attention whore who's trying to prove everyone she's hot stuff. stfu, you're pathetic.
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz aren't you talking about yourself...
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia haha lolwut? and how do i do that?
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz like tweeting too much about what you're gonna have soon or that you'll go to an ATL concert. Btw I'm glad for you, seriously.
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz i mean, some of your tweets can be understood as showing off, that's all. I'm not saying anything
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia hahahahaha what? You think I do that for attention and to show off? Haha I'm just expressing my feelings.
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz by the way, since you seem the one who's actually tweeting back, what the hell were those pictures on 'let the games begin'?
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia nobody gives a fuck about that lol
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz that was low. I had good intentions and even wanted to send both of you some cool stuff that's hard to find here. #disappointment
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia i'm ordering everything i want on the internet, so i don't really care
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz anyway. That was low. Friends, or whatever we are, dont do that.
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz don't wanna sound annoying, but like you said I was expressing my feelings.
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia lol once again, me doesn't give a fuck. right now i care only about Vladimir Tarasenko.
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz good. I do remember our hangs though. I do hope the whole "I don't give a f" thing isn't because of flex.
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia no,i just don't give a fuck about anything. Except for hockey and All Time Low.And maybe glee.Everything else doesn't exist
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz alright then. I even started to think of you and @the_lala_is as two jealous bitches! That's how it looked like though.
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia lol no. i can move to Australia any time i want, why would i haha
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz because I remember you told me winning flex was your dream. So that's why. You still have a chance next year.
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia dream?haha hell no, my dream is to be a hockey journalist. Better somewhere in NY, i want to be closer to Jori and Vladimir
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz haha that's what you've told me in fall :)
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia maybe that was a goal, but not a dream. + everything's changed since that, you know.
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz yeah I know. And I changed A LOT. but, huh, I'm okay with that.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia ooooohh damn! i am so so jealous! oh god like really! goood! a student from usual russian uni is talking to flex finalist!
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia btw! check out my mistakes! i am sure i have them! oh goooooood i wish my english was as perfect as yours!
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is nice try.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia there is a song by breathe carolina that explains all my feelings! it is called i dont give a fuck
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia anyways, if u were so missing me u could write me, but u were too busy and i am such a jealous bitch
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is I didn't say you were a jealous bitch!! I said I thought so because of your pics. That was low. Once again: I had good intentions.
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is and I tweeted you earlier. From this account.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia if i dont give a fuck that means that i dont care! keep calm dude!
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia u were writing like "hey i am a star and i came here to talk to you ugly  freaks" that sounded like this
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia havent seen! "i had good intentions"
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is what?! I have mentioned that I was afraid you two are gonna hate me! I just wanted to share.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia what can i say? congrats? no idea. btw, i am studying in the best Russian uni of design. and i am not saying u are jealous
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is and I even wanted to ask your addresses later to send you something, like CDs from there. That's what I call 'good intentions'.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia dont worry i have great CD collection
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is because of your idgaf's I thought so. You know how jealous people do. That's why. Now I see you weren't jealous so I'm sorry if I offended you
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia and i still do not give a fuck
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is and I'm sorry as you don't seem like you had any precious moments or dreams-coming-true in your life. Keep not giving a fuck.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia i have a dream that came true, i am in uni, i have friends i am living my life enjoying every moment
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia cool i entered uni and i didnt say anything about it!!! OH MY GOD! how could i?
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is I'm glad for you. I would not say Idgaf because that's low. Like you did. Hope you get my track of thought. Topic closed.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia i dont know what u expect.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia and i still dont give a fuck
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia i am talking to Stacy everyday but u dissapeared one day! okey that's your problems. i know everything about her she...
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia knows everything about me coz we were in touch
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is she stopped talking to me when she knew I made it to the 2nd flex round. I knew she wanted to enter flex as well.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia and once again, she doesnt give a fuck. like me. stop saying that everyone is jealous!
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is alright lets just say I don't see anything bad in me sharing exciting my news with you. That's why I thought your idgafs were...
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is ...a jealous reaction. Hope you get what I mean.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia oh gooood! u just really have no idea how stupid u sound!!! u need attention? okey u got it! anything else?
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia lol what haha the fuck, you have such a fucking high self-esteem, so hilarious how you think everyone is jealous
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is I don't say everyone's jealous!! It looks so! Because of idgafs. They seem like a jealous reaction.
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is and what was wrong with me sharing with you Why didn't you give a damn?
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is @stacy_reitz let's get this straight, I haven't called anyone jealous, ALRIGHT?! I thought so. Because of YOUR pics. GOT IT?!
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia holy hell!!! i am never jealous! and even more i wanna thank u!! everytime i look at u i am like ...
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia ... "i am not that ugly!" SO THANK U HONEY!
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz if it hadn't been about jealous, everything would have been different.
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is that made me laugh. Thanks. That only proves my first statement. #jealosyrulestheworld. I never insulted anyone, but you did.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia and do u like family guy? i LOOOOOOOVE family guy!!! here is my favorite one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFYoF18qj5s:
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia u are wasting your time on me! talking to a stranger! ahah are u so forever alone so u are talking to anyone who replies u
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz @the_lala_is keep being jealous and not giving a f. Envy losers, die from your own jealousy.
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia @stacy_reitz we feel so sorry for u! we will pray for u! dear god, let her cease to be so waning
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia GOOOOOOSH, THANK YOU, YOU MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD HAHA on the other side i really feel sorry for you, you sound so pathetic
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is @stacy_reitz lol.
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz @the_lala_is all what you have left to do is to practice English with each other. Do it babies! Since now, without me.
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz nice of you sis. To feel sorry for someone as bad as me :) if you don't give a f, why are you still talking to me?
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia BECAUSE IT'S SO MUCH FUN
@HustlerThing: Yo Hustlers!! I need help. I'm serious. Tweet me if you're ready. Some kids arent good to me 'cause I won a contest (year in the US).
@HustlerThing: And what I need to do is to twitter-troll those people. You can read my last twitter-talk & see how not-so-food that was. Ready to have fun?
@HustlerThing: I know that can sound bad..Im not like that honestly. But read that last tweet-exchange with them and think who's bad & who's taken offense.
@HustlerThing: Uhh the last tweet-exchange on @stacyfromrussia. My personal twitter. That's where the twitter fight took place.
@HustlerThing: Let's get this straight. If you don't bother, read my (@stacyfromrussia) talk with the_lala_is and stacy_reitz. And tell me what you think.
Some girl 1 (@qtdana07): @the_lala_is to your messing with the wrong girl. @stacyfromrussia is a sweetheart so gtfo
@HustlerThing: Thank you. Some people just don't deserve to be Hustlers.
@the_lala_is: @qtdana07 oh god! bless u and @stacyfromrussia
Some girl 2 (@alltimealissa): @stacy_reitz @the_lala_is omg you girls are really bitches you know? Be nice to @stacyfromrussia please?c:
@HustlerThing: I swear I'll do a lyric game for all of you awesome creatures Hustlers! <3
@HustlerThing: Ok Im closing this trolling thing:) I bet they hate me even more now.Haters gonna hate,right? Thank you Hustlers for your lightening tweets!
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia АХАХАХА БЛЕАТЬ!! единственное что ты можешь сделать это нажаловаться??? АХАХАХАХ это еще больше показывает твою убогость (exact translation: "AHAHAHA FUCK!! the only thing you can do is complaining??? AHAHAHAH it only shows more of how much of a squalor you are")
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia оооооооой насть!!! а напиши пожалуйста о том какая я тварь в своем блоге!!! (exact translation: "oh nastya!!! can you please post on your blog about how much of an asshole i am!!!")
@the_lala_is: @stacyfromrussia ты ж еще хрень про блинков ведешь? а ну так вот, ты там про меня нажаловалась? нет? ну беги тогда пиши твиты! (exact translation: "you also run the blink-182 thing right? and have you complained about me there? no? go tweet!")
@the_lala_is: ахахах никогда так не ржал как сегодня! спасибо @stacyfromrussia за это! а теперь спатеньки тайм! завтра меня ждет интересны день) (exact translation: "ahahah never laughed like i did today! thank @stacyfromrussia for that! and now, sleep time, i have an interesting day tomorrow!)")
@stacyfromrussia: @the_lala_is good vibes to you too my friend! :) enjoy your patheticness babe! I ain't no complainer by the way.
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia omg it sounds like you were with us before.If you wanted to be friends with us,you wouldnt stop talking to us.
@stacy_reitz: @stacyfromrussia or should we have we only messaged you,  your highness?no seriously, who the fuck would think that anyone cares after so long?
@stacyfromrussia: @stacy_reitz keep laughing loser
@stacy_reitz: lol of course, i am... i have a job, boyfriend and gonna study in Manchester. I'm a loser and you're so cool.
@foxyfanally: @stacyfromrussia I'm gonna throw the "I'm American card". No the fuck not! You are not evil! Fuck them! I adore you gorgeous!
@stacyfromrussia: @foxyfanally omg I love youuu <3
@foxyfanally: @stacyfromrussia some girls are definitely frostbite hearted. Fuck them. You perfect girl. I love you. Blew up your DM (direct messages) box.
@stacyfromrussia: @foxyfanally I blew yours too.
@stacyfromrussia: @foxyfanally and thank you, you perfect psychologist slash therapist :3
@foxyfanally: @stacyfromrussia I adore you. Fuck @stacy_reitz and @the_lala_is. Jealousy is an ugly color.
@stacy_reitz: @foxyfanally the fuck, she started this+ "i don't care"means that i don't care, not "i'm so jealous".i haven't even told anything, but that,in fact
@foxyfanally: @stacy_reitz I'm just reading your hateful comments. I don't see her doing that. It reads like jealous hatred. Nice and classy.
@stacy_reitz: @foxyfanally hoho and hers wasn't? i said i don't care, she called us jealousy bitches. how should i react? yes, sure, i can talk back.
@stacy_reitz: @foxyfanally and seriously, i didn't called her anything like she does.And yeah,if someone was arguing with me i wouldnt tell it everyone
@foxyfanally: @stacy_reitz She didn't tell me anything. I could read your public tweets. I don't see anything but public hate.
@stacy_reitz: @foxyfanally but she posted about it on Facebook lol and yeah,I'm just talking back.she first called me attention whore,bitch and loser.
@foxyfanally: @stacy_reitz she may have, I wasn't her facebook friend to see all that. I'm just going on what you're tweeting. It's quite mean.
@foxyfanally: @stacy_reitz I just like her and I hate people being cruel to her. I imaginesomething must've hurt you somehow, but just stop. It's cruel.
@stacy_reitz: @foxyfanally oh, so she can be cruel with me, and i can't? okay, that's very fair, i must say.

Это все. Но были упомянуты прямые сообщения (DM) с Лорен, так что, чтобы не было подозрений (или еще чего-то :D) выложу сюда.
That's all. But if you noticed, the direct messages (DM) with Lauren were mentioned. I'm posting it here as well, so you won't be suspicious or anything.

Lauren: I have just read your conversation with @stacy_reitz and @the_lala_is and oh my god. What the hell?
Lauren: I'm getting really goddamn angry reading @stacy_reitz's comments to you. I'm gonna translate and cuss her out in Russian. Sorry.
Lauren: I hate bitches like her
Lauren: You are not pathetic at all. not one single bit. I positively adore you. I swear though. Literally. I will take those bitches down verbally
Lauren: In their native tongue.
Lauren: Fuck them. Really. No one talks to HER because she's a stupid bitch. Not you. Not a bit.
Me: Thank you <3 Lala wasn't that good too :/ I don't even know how that started, because I have sent both of them a message that said
Me: That I love them and that I miss them and that I'm so excited about my US trip and I want to share
Me: All I got ware pictures that said Idgaf and f-you. No good right? I thought they were my friends.
Me: And how the hell did they think I was showing off or saying I was cool?!
Me: I have even mentioned I was haring and NOT showing off.
Me: They turned everything upside down!
Lauren: They twisted it because they're jealous ass bitches. I will intervene, unless you don't want me to. Bitches and jealousy always go together.
Lauren: I hate girls like that. Friends that just turn on you. Had that happen to me a lot in school.Fuck them.
Me: You can tweet them if you want
Lauren: Yeah babe. I just tweeted their 'fuck you'. Haha.
Lauren: They'll see it.
Lauren: You aren't pathetic or a loser at all.
Me: I know I just got angry how they twisted everything. And turned out that I am the one who insulted them!!
Me: I'm furious right now. Although I know I should not tweet them anything. Like my mom said, the one's who's smart will stop first.
Lauren: Yeah ignore them
Me: I will :) Gotta admit it's fun to watch them rip my mentions box.
Lauren: They're jealous and completely insane and ridiculous. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. Their mentions box is ugly from me.
Lauren: Haha
Me: Haha
Lauren: I aint apologizing. We dont do that in America. Haha. Also, if you come near North Carolina, you are definitely getting a visit from me!
Me: Omg! I have a really close friend in NC. He lives in Charlotte.
Lauren: I used to live in Charlotte.
Lauren: Got a message from your buddy Stacy. Haha. Watch my comment.
Lauren: Haha I do not care what that bitch says to me.
Me: You're a genius.
Lauren: She keeps replying to me. Haha.
Me: Haha.
Lauren: Replied again. Haha.
Me: You're awesome. I wonder what she's gonna tweet now
Lauren: She tweets absolute shit. What a loser. And not to be mean, she has to work on her English.
Me: Lol. She has no clue what she tweets about
Lauren: Yeah I got that impression. I am just ignoring her now.
Me: By the way, I'm gonna post that whole bitch conversation on my blog to reveal their patheticness. You okay with me mentioning you?
Lauren: Yeah girl. Go right for it! Mention me like crazy.
Me: Haha, thanks. You keep making my days!
Lauren: And you keep making MY days, darling!
Me: Did you know that Lala deleted all her yesterday's tweets to me? Luckily I made screenshots...
Lauren: She knew I was gunning for her because she'd have seen my 'fuck you mention'. And my tweets with stacy reitz.
Me: Haha. You have actually made them shut up. Master Lauren.
Lauren: I do try to make people shut up when I can. Got the kindest heart unless you're fucking with my friends. Can't be nice then.
Me: You're my hero.
Lauren: Aww, you're so kind.

Теперь все.
Now that's all.

Хочу извиниться за то, что вам пришлось прочитать этот неприятный разговор с Лалой и Настей, но и такое бывает. Cо мной такого не было еще никогда и я очень теперь разочарована в людях.
I'm sorry you had to read this unpleasant conversation with Lala and Nastya, but, as you can see, that happens as well. Never happened to me before and now I'm really dissapointed in people.

Наверное все думают, зачем она это выложила? А выложила я, чтобы показать, насколько отвратительны бывают люди от зависти. Честно говоря, я в шоке, потому что Настя и Лала были одними из моих лучших друзей. А потом мы перестали общаться. Тогда, в октябре, когда я попала во второй тур флекса. Жаль, конечно, что люди могут так опускаться, доходить до переходов на личности. И, кстати, Лала удалила все ее твиты ко мне. Зачем? Я сама не знаю. Вот и делайте выводы, кто прав, а кто нет. И спасибо огромное настоящим друзьям, которые меня поддержали, я вас очень ценю. :) Гигансткое спасибо Лоран <3 И Хастлерам. Лучи любви вам, ребята.
Если читателям есть, что сказать, пожалуйста поделитесь мыслями в комментариях.

People probably wonder, "why did she post all this crap here?" I did this post to show, how disgusting and shallow can people get from jealousy. Honestly, I'm shocked, because Nastya and Lala were the ones from my best friends.And then we stopped talking to each other, in October, when I passed to the second round of FLEX. It's sad that people can get that low and pathetic, going on about someone's appearance and personality. And, by the way, Lala has deleted all of her tweets.Why? I have no clue myself. Now you can make your own conclusions, who was right and who wasn't. And a big shout out 'thank you' to all my true friends, who supported me, I appreciate you a lot. And I love my NC chick Lauren! Thank you. And thanks these awesome people Hustlers! I adore you guys. Much love.
If the readers/visitors of this blog have something to say, please share your opinion in comments below.

Настя и Лала, если вы сейчас читаете это, я бы хотела пожелать вам удачи в жизни и чтобы ваши мечты сбылись также, как и мои. Вы дали мне навык по separaing  friends from frienemies. Спасибо за все.
Nastya and Lala, if you're reading this right now, I'd like to wish you good luck and let all your dreams come true, like mine. You gave me a skill of separating friends and frienemies. Thanks for all.

И в заключении запилю такую картинкуу всем Флексерам, которым пришлось пройти через подобное. :) Haters Gonna Hate.
And to conclude I'm posting this picture for all Flexers who went through the mess of jealousy. :) Haters Gonna Hate

Спасибо, что потратили время и прочитали.

Thanks for taking time and reading.

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  1. я в итоге не поняла, зачем надо было переводить.

    хотя я тебя понимаю, лучшие друзья иногда оказываются далеко не лучшими, и, думаю, многие флексеры через это прошли

    1. Просто у меня очень много друзей в Америке, им тоже было интересно и они просили меня переводить. :)

      А в твиттере разговор так и был, на английском.

      Спасибо, хотя я сейчас на них на всех забила, hater gonna hate, как говорится ;)

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