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Hello there, I just thought I should post something in English...

So here's the real quick translation of my previous posts...if you're interested.

Another Girl, Another Planet
The explanation of the name of my blog, cause it actually does sound cheesy. It came from a Blink-182 song called Another Girl Another Planet which is pretty damn awesome. Another girl is me because I'm gonna change while in the States, for sure. And Another Planet is obviously the US...it's literally 'another planet' for nearly every Russian.

A new project for Flexers
There's a new website for the participants of the Future Leaders Exchange program! So I did a little promotion. If you speak/read Russian, there you go: flex-exchange.ru

Lazy Stacy
I've been really lazy but I have finally found the power to get up from my butt and write a post! What was recently happening to me:
-I passed the "pre"-exams with A's! Like a boss.
-I had a skype session with other exchange students like me! It went awesome, I think we have another one tonight...anyway, if you want to skype me, here's my skype: nastya6778!
-I'm lazily preparing for the exams that I'm gonna have next week...Maths, Russian, World Geo/Russian Economy and English! Wish me good luck!

FLEX Notification Meeting
So we have finally had this meeting, yay! It wasn't really interesting though, they told us what we have already known. The thing that made my eyes open like a quarter dollar (yes, I know how it looks like, duh) was: "The competition in the FLEX contest is even bigger than the one in the Harvard University and only 1% of nearly 70000 participants made it" O_O WOW! I'm so lucky!
The people from the American Councils took our international (foreign) passports (someone said, "Now they're gonna sell us as slaves somewhere!" lol. That dude was kidding, of course) till our departure to the US. I'm stoked!
And I met/saw a bunch of awesome people, exchange students just like me. :)

And here's what I got on that meeting. Check out the Russian post about it to see another picture with the handbook for parents and a letter from the US Government. :3

That's pretty much it! Thanks for staying with the blog guys. It'll be much interesting as soon as I get to the states.

Wait, there's another thing I wanted to share with you. I'll switch to Russian for an instant, okay?

Так, в общем есть еще одна новость...кто-нибудь знает Рэя Уильяма Джонсона? Я думаю многие про него слышали, он - самый известный ютубер/видео-блоггер, вошел в книгу рекордов Гинеса по количеству подписчиков на ютубе, ведет свое шоу "=3" (equals three) и у него есть группа Your Favorite Martian :) Ииии...он зафолловил меня на твиттере! У меня был такой фрик аут :D Чуть пониже будет один из его видео-обзоров, в котором он упомяул Россию и песенки его группы. А еще, на мой взгляд, он няша =3 Не знаю, зачем я это тут решила написать, просто блин! Рэй Уилльям Джонсон!

Alright, back to English. So what I wanted to tell you guys was, Ray William Johnson followed me on twitter! I know it's kinda lame to babble about it here, but darn! This guy has the biggest number of subscribers on YouTube! And his show "=3" (equals three) is so hilarious! As you can guess, I had a some kind of a freak out when I saw the email saying, "@RayWJ is now following you on twitter". Boom!

Here's one of my favorite "=3" videos, where Russia was mentioned:

And here are some songs of his band, Your Favorite Martian, where he is one of the two vocalists.

Thanks for staying tuned and thanks to Ray for following me...lol. That was unnecessary. 

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