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Hey guys, so here's the thing. I haven't been updating IN ENGLISH for a while. It sort of hit me and I started to write this post for my English-speaking buddies!!

My job as a councilor at Mini American Summer School (MASS) is going well, though my kids are still not behaving the way they should! They are talking back, being passive when it comes to preparing for the Final Show. They are all older than me and are MASS veterans so they think they can do whatever they want. But I'm flexible, huh? So I'll cope with that somehow. I have only 3 days of project left anyway. Then I'm leaving for Ekaterinburg to get my US visa! #LifeIsGood (Hashtags are for Twitter, but whatever)

On Friday (June 29th) we had a 'special day", which has become a tradition of our camp. It's the day when the whole school dresses up according to some themes. It looks like a big costume party. Previously we had Pirate's Day, Cowboy Day, Scout's Day, Christmas Day and this year, Halloween. Cool, right?

Here's a little footage (by my mom) of what we've been up to lately.

Arion and Tanya

Teachers' Seminar (Danielle looks pretty!)

Jeannie nailing that game!!

Cynthia and Christine playing Scramble

I love his lessons the most, to be honest. #London2012

Joe teaching me how to use the TourWrist app

Witch Nastya & Co at one of the Halloween Day quests for the little kiddos! So much fun

Meet my lifeguards Arion & Joe

My group getting ready for the Halloween Day

My kids! Welcome to Zombieland

My mom, Jeannie, Danielle, Rimma and Joe. All stars
(my mom was a pumpkin)

Cheryl was wickedly awesome. The best witch ever!

The B-guys
Starring my mom

My kids with Cheryl. Many thanks to those who made costumes!

The Halloween thing went awesome but, three days before (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) I came home at midnight (at 1.30 on Thursday, to be certain) and worked really hard to make it happen. But when the results of the Day were being discussed, my help wasn't mentioned. Despite how stupid this sounds, I very underrated. Thanks to mom and Danielle who were there for me!

Other news

Whoah, forgot to turn off the capslock. 

My twitter was blowing up.

They freaking nailed it!! So happy for Torres and Mata, my Spanish Chelseas!!

Casillas and Fabregas celebrating

Torres and his little son, so cute!

Cheers to Spain!!

I guess those are all the news that I have...in the previous post (that was in Russian) I said I won't be posting until I come back home from Ekaterinburg's PDO (Pre-Departure Orientation), but I saw the number of pageviews growing amazingly fast and decided to post. You guys make my days!

This one will actually be last post before PDO.

Love ya!

P.S. People have been asking why my Twitter and Blogger names are "Stacy". That's because my full name is Anastasia and both Stacy & Nastya are the short versions. I always choose the English variant. Call me Stacy, not Nastya, okay? :)

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