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My US Placement (English)

Hello there!

I felt like posting in English.

First of all, 6 days left!! YES! To get this straight, 6 days until my departure to Moscow, that's when all the adventures will start. I will spend a night in Moscow and then catch an early morning plane to Washington DC. I will spend another night there and then will be off to...Muncie, Indiana! I don't know if they have an airport, so maybe I'll arrive in Indianapolis first and then my host family will take me to Muncie, which is an hour away. Then I think I will have the world's worst jet lag so I will be sleeping the whole first day. At least that's how I imagine it. I'll be accompanied by other FLEX exchange students like me and I think a couple of FLEX alumni. So I'll be safe.

The best news this week - I finally knew my American Placement. Yay!! It was on August the 1st, at 10pm, when I was sitting in my room listening to music (typical teenager haha) and thinking about how afwul it is to be a 'homeless' exchange student, how bad it would be if they change my departure date and how else can I explain my relatives & friends why I still have no host family. And boom! My mom called me from the kitchen, "Stacy, come here!!". You know that feeling when your parents call out you like that, you immidiatetly start to think of bad things you could ever have done. While I was thinking about that, my mom entered my room saying "Placement Information!!". Oh my gosh. My face back then looked exactly like this: O_O, no kidding. So we opened the e-mail from American Councils aaaand - Muncie, Indiana. At first I read it as Munich and thought, "What? Are they sending me to Germany?". Haha.

Here's a little bit of info about Muncie (like you can't google it) and my host-school.
Population: 70,000 people
School: Muncie Central High School
School color/mascot: Purple & White/Bearcats
Number of students: (no one really knows that :D) about 1000+
Start of school: August 22nd
Placement Organization: FLAG (Foreign Links Around the Globe)
Host mom: Andrea (Andy) Walker
Host dad: Stuart (Stu) Walker
Host sister: Lisa Walker (livess in Cincinnati, OH)
Host brother: Nathanial Walker (lives in Indianapolis, IN)

So I'm going to live in the Western part of Muncie in a house built in 1874 :)

My host sister and father are musicians. That's just perfect. Earlier today I got an e-mail from my host-dad, he said he knows Blink-182 and might take me to a concert if they come across Indiana! Holy banana pie!!

Muncie is a city in Eastern Indiana. It's the 8th populated city in the state. Half of the city is Ball State University campus.

My host school is pretty awesome too. Well, better than my Russian school anyways. They have soooo many subjects! My mom and I have already picked the ones I will take. Although we are not sure if I'll be allowed to take them, it depends on the grade. Exchange students are usually either Juniors or Seniors. So yeah. Anyway, here's what I'm planning to take: French II, English 11/12 (depends on grade), Journalism, Theatre Production/Arts, US History, Geography and History of the World, Two-Dimensional Art I. I also wanted to take Spanish, but there are only 7 periods a day.

When I read "Bearcats" on the school website I was like "Who the are these Bearcats? Mystical creatures?", but they are actually really lovely animals that live in Asia.
Picture time!!

I found these on Google so if you are from Muncie and the pictures are wrong, please let me know. Can never trust the Internet.

For more pictures/school schedule go to the previous post. It's in Russian though :)

Aaand guess what? I already have friends in Muncie! Ha! Making friends like a boss. I was searching wildly (yes, wildly) for what my school looks like but couldn't find anything (silly Internet!) so my last resort was YouTube. This guy - Brandon Bartling - made videos/vlogs about the Spirit Band he's in. He's my new Muncie friend! :3 Big shoutout to him for answering my awkward questions haha :)

Check out one of his videos :)

As I said before, 6 days left. Yay!!

If you're an English-speaker and don't get Russian - welcome to the other posts that are in English - they are about Language camp I volunteered at, my favorite movie, everything, relationship with friends, music or How I became an exchange student! :) Thanks a bunch if you did check these out :)

Let me know if you live in Muncie or Indiana or the US and want to meet me. :)

Thanks for reading, I know it's boring, see you stateside,

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