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What's been happening

This post is going to be in English! (Sorry all of my Russian friends, but I thought, that since you're here, reading this blog, you are either an exchange student, or an alumni, or a native English speaker and you shouldn't have any problems understanding English :).)

The main reason this post is in English is myself being SICK of writing a crazy number of essays for my Russian language class. It drives me crazy. Writing has never been a problem for me, in fact, I'm actually pretty serious about pursuing a career in Journalism, but writing and describing things or events in Russian had become a bit of a challenge ever since I got back from the USA. I started making ridiculous mistakes by obliviously and unintentionally constructing sentences the way it has to be done in English. This has been quite of a struggle for me both this semester and the previous one. I even randomly put English words into my essays or speech sometimes! You know, there are just some English words that don't have an equivalent for themselves in Russian. And that's how my brain is playing tricks on me - when I give a presentation for my Biology project or write an essay for the Literature class. For that, of course, I get points off of my grade and some weird stares from my fellow classmates (I've learned to just laugh it off, somehow. I'm guessing everyone is used to my Americanization already)

So, what has been up? First of all, I got partnered with YouTube in September. This was a big step in my YouTube video-making experience and it also adds to me reaching my dream (which I already mentioned in this post): a career in Broadcast/Advert Journalism, working as a movie-maker, advertiser, or in Social Media/Communications. I always knew that I had an interest in all of that cool stuff, but only the visit to the Newseum in Washington DC revealed my passion for Media Studies and Journalism.

As I realized Media was what I wanted to do in my life (and not get tired of it), I started looking up universities. Well, not right away...I began doing it properly about 4 months after my DC trip, when I was back in Russia. I obviously looked at Russian colleges first but was rather disappointed to find out that the only Journalism program Novosibirsk State University (the third best college in Russia!) had was Creative Writing. So basically all what the students of that school did was writing and writing and writing. Not fun, huh? Not that I'm looking for easy or fun ways, I'm actually up for a good challenge, but this university and its program was NOT an option for me. So, I moved on to checking out American colleges. Some of the first ones that stood out to me were: DePaul University in Chicago, Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana (my host city!), Ohio State University in Columbus, OH, Northwestern University in Chicago, University of Florida, Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, and University of Southern California.

Unfortunately and unbelievably my enthusiasm died a little bit mid-october, as school work really kicked in and with my job (I work as an English teacher), school studies and some kind of a social life I had, I didn't have much time to concentrate on applying to colleges. Besides as I looked further into each of the universities, I grew more and more disappointed. The tuition, housing and books were $35,000 on average (for one year!). That's not a sum my family can afford, and to be honest, most Russian families wouldn't be able to pay a Million Rubles for just one year of college. There weren't many scholarships either. For example, Ball State isn't offering any Undergraduate scholarships at all. So, I put the idea of studying abroad aside, until...well, I wasn't sure. Both me and my mom were upset, knowing there are so little chances for me. So, I focused on school work and activities, started Basketball and Cross country skiing.

Then I got swiped into the "oh my gosh I can actually study in America" thing again, about mid-december up to the end of January. That's when I took a lot of time to look at the website of the University of Oregon. Not that I didn't know about it before, I have a friend who attends UO, but I just then, in December, properly studied the info for the international students. My TOEFL score of 97 was just perfect as UO only wanted 61 from their foreign applicants. SAT scores were not required and I was very content to hear that. And they also had a bunch of scholarships I could qualify for automatically. UO just sounded and looked like a perfect university! In January, right before the admission deadline, I completed the application, sent UO my academic transcript, asked my Indiana school to send my transcript to them as well and here I am, waiting on my decision. I have never been innerly nervous like this before. I'm not kidding: the thoughts of becoming a Duck (U of O mascot) and of going back to the US never leave me!

The fact that I lost SO MANY opportunities to apply to any other universities makes me regret my stupidness and ignorance to myself so much! I could've contacted many other schools and completed applications...but, I can't go back in time, sadly, and University of Oregon is the only American university I applied to. That is also a reason why I am so nervous lately. I want to get in so badly!

Alright, enough of all these sad thoughts. There's only a month left until I get my decision and I will surely post on here to notify my internet friends about me either getting admitted and going to beloved America or not and staying in Russia..not for long though, trust me on this one.

So, this was my English post and hopefully I have time to do more of these because I genuinely enjoyed writing this one. Give me ideas: what should I cover next? Anything that has to do with passing TOEFL or teaching English or learning a foreign language on your own, let me know! Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, that would mean the world to me, no joke! I started to make proper videos only in the beginning of January but that doesn't make my channel bad :) Thank you!

Have a good day/night/morning,

P.S. For more English posts I did on this blog, click here and that will take you to 2012, when I knew about my American host family. At the end of that post are links to other posts in English. And here for a little update I wrote from the States. I honestly don't remember about any other posts I did in English...hmm, I should do more!

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